The Book

Crazier Things Have Happened is Stacey Webber’s memoir about her journey through the world of infertility and pregnancy loss, how it shaped her life choices, and how she learned to live from love and not fear. She hopes to inspire readers to find their own true path, to follow their own inner compass and learn to tune into their intuition for guidance, how to tell by how you feel whether they are going with their own desires or against them.

We all have inner guidance but it is up to each of us individually to silence our inner critic and amplify our inner champion, by focusing on the blessings, love and joy already present in our lives, and in doing so allow more to naturally flow into our everyday experiences.

This is the story of a mother’s enduring hope and eternal love, and in sharing her story, she wishes to inspire others to believe in not just what is probable in life, but to what is possible.